My Mission


That’s a me a mariooooooo!

Hello everyone! I am currently an undergraduate student at UCSD, I am studying Psychology and aiming for a minor in business however, I am quickly on my way out into the real world (AHH SCARY).

Throughout a vast majority of my life I have struggled a lot with skin problems, this lead to me becoming very interested in what it was that made certain products safe, effective, or even worse comedogenic. As a result, skin and makeup have become two of my biggest loves and am always on the lookout for new products and quite passionate about learning what the ingredients on the back of all those bottles mean 🙂

As a result I created this blog, in order to bring power back to the consumer, and teach you all how those products that have been plastered across magazines and television.There are tons of alternatives out there, some are worth the money, but others can create many savings! I hope the information here is useful but if any of you ever have any questions or would simply like to learn more about me do not hesitate to contact.

Thank you for reading and happy product hunting 🙂

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