Getting bronzed the safe way: Sun Labs self tanner in Ultra dark – Review

My sophomore year in college I became enamored with tan skin. I just thought skin looked gorgeous with some color to it and as a result I became quite the sun bunny. Whenever the sun was out it was certain that i would be laid out across the patio/yard/beach.

Point is, I probably did a lot of damage to my skin during that time period. However, now that my knowledge on skincare has grown by quite a bit I know I could never sun bathe again….but what about that tan skin?…..

Thus, self tanner!



Sun Labs self tanning lotion in ultra dark has an extremely creamy and moisturizing formula. This gives you more time to rub in the formula, ensuring that it is evenly coating your body. This comes with a trade off though….it takes FOREVER to dry. I seriously need at least an hour before I get dressed and even then it usually will stain my clothes to some degree. And do not even get me started on how gross it is waiting for it to dry when it’s very hot out.


I apply it with a mitt, and this helps ensure an even, flawless tan. I have never experienced any streakiness or patchiness with the formula. The lotion contains a guide color to help with application. The guide color is extremely dark, however don’t get too worried since most of it will wash off.

This tanner also has one of the most amazing scents ever, it reminds me of almonds mixed with cherries. This is great, since most self tanners scents usually make my head hurt. After the cover up scent disappears there is a slight musky scent left behind but I find it extremely bearable.


The ingredients list is chock full of moisturizing ingredients, there are many fatty alcohols in the formula such as cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol. It also includes almond oil and vitamin e. If you are prone to breaking out I would definitely not recommend that you apply this to your face on my body however, I have never experienced any ill effects.



The tan I get from Sun Labs is absolutely amazing, I have tried several self tanners, and none have gotten me as dark as this one has. To give you an idea, I am usually around a MAC NC 25 however, after one application on Sun Labs I reach an NC30 and after a second layer (which is what I usually prefer) I reach an NC 42. The tan is never orange or fake looking, the lotion contains a very green base tint that keeps my tan looking like a true brown/olive tan. If you crave an even darker tan, Sun Labs does provide an even darker self tanning formula which I will probably try out very soon!

My final words…

The Sun Labs self tanning lotion in Ultra dark is one of the best self tanners I have used thus far. The formula is easy to work with, smells great, and makes you extremely tan! However, the dry time can be a hassle so always ensure you give it enough time to dry down. It is a bit more expensive than your average drugstore tanner, but I think the extra cost is worthwhile because of the amazing color this formula provides.

Sun Labs tanner is available through many online retailers, I personally buy it through ebay, but here are some other great options:

Ebay – 21.99

Sun Labs Online – 35.00

Amazon – 18.77



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