Helpful Links

I have compiled a list of links that I use frequently when I want to learn more, I hope these help you on your journey to attain knowledge 🙂

This website is an ingredient search engine. What I really like about this website is that if you have absolutely no idea what any ingredient means this allows you the option of searching by the product name as well. It lists all the ingredients included in a product and shows their irritancy/comedogenic potential (ranging from 0, safe, to 5, worrisome). Products and ingredients lists are also frequently updated so you can be assured that you are getting the most up to date information.

I LOVEEE asian skincare, and the so does the awesome lady who runs this blog! She really knows her stuff and tries a wide variety of asian products, from low to high end. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and lists entire ingredients lists and provides explanations for what each active ingredient does. She’s very helpful and I really recommend her blog!

Makeupalley is not a “scientific” resource but it is great for looking up opinions/general public attitude towards certain cosmetic products. The website is not dedicated to discussion about makeup only, there are also reviews for other skin care products (shampoo, face wash, etc.). The website is not biased and does not delete user reviews and even allows you to downvote reviews that may be biased. Although reviews may be subjective the men and women using this website are very knowledgable and many times point out ingredients that caused them problems and such and therefore can be a very valuable resource.

One of my most favorite,frequented websites! Do not be warded off by the fact that this page is on reddit, this subreddit contains a plethora of information. On the side of the page is an extensive list of resources linking to online stores/ingredient information which the subreddit bases all of its advice on. The men and women on this page are very knowledgable and are dedicated to providing information about your skin care routine with the science to back it up. Many times people will even submit studies in order to keep providing new information to the page. Of course if the information provided is not enough you are always free to post asking for help with your own specific situation. The website also links to other valuable subreddits.

This website is dedicated to both cosmetics reviews and debunking of cosmetic/skin care myths. This blogger is full of knowledge, and she breaks down products to their chemistry explaining the science behind why many products do or not work. She always cites where she got her information from, making this a very reliable resource!


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